The fun of Ebay

Having run a company for many years we have built up lots of old surplus equipment which usually end up on Ebay.

This week we sold an item which was lost between being advertised and being sold. It was an old drive which has been sitting around for years and likely ended up in the recycle bin. We ended up with our first Negative feedback in 5 years so all really disappointed. We contacted the buyer, apologised and credited back as soon as we realised but still got a negative. Some people!

Lets hope we can survive this and keep on selling.

Another new Server etc…

Yes we have had another install of a new Microsoft Server 2012 R2 HP Server, but added to this a 4 way bonded ADSL line, a 10 phone Hosted VoIP phone system, a full height network cabinet and 100+ network points and network equipment. So you can imagine we have been busy preparing the server and ordering the equipment.

The office is a new build so everything is new, excluding the 10 PC’s and printers. There are 100+ network points spread over the complete site, which patch back to the new cabinet. Fortunatley we have a contractor running the cables and we only have the patching to do. There are also 2 x 24 Port Gigabit POE switches which will power the phones, WI-FI access points and security camera’s. We have a second ADSL connection dedicated to the phones, but sharing the same network as the PC’s we have fallback to use the bonded ADSL should the line fail.

A quick lesson in POE or Power Over Ethernet. If you have every looked under your desk you will see any number of small cubes of black plastic plugged in to different computer related devices. They covert 240 volts to a low voltage, devices require. More devices are becoming available that can be powered over an Ethernet cable and we have taken advantage of the latest VoIP phones and WI-FI access points to save having to seat them next to mains sockets. The security company being used is also taking advantage of the POE and can run a single Ethernet cable rather than power.

Being in Marsh Barton the site has a slow 6Mb broadband connection and Fibre is not available. We have therefore supplied a 4 way bonded ADSL, which used 4 phone lines and 4 ADSL services and bonds them together us a Cisco router. They now have 24Mbs download and 3.9Mbs upload, so a great improvement. The single ADSL VoIP line is 6 Mbs and will allow around 10 to 12 concurrent calls.

We have installed another Hosted VoIP system with 10 extensions including walkabout phones and a couple of different area code phone numbers. Being VoIP the handsets connect to Ethernet ports and can be moved around the site as required. The client is advertising in London and Bristol and has taken new numbers which are routed through to their Exeter office.

All in all a busy couple of weeks and lots to do.

Microsoft Office, what a headache

Microsoft Office 2013 (and Office 365) has been released a while now and we have installed many copies and even now finding the whole process of registering a real pain.

So what is the issue? The software can be supplied as a Code only version so no CD or DVD which in itself is not an issue. The licence has to be registered against an email address which is not too difficult and then allows the software to be downloaded and installed to the users PC. The issue arises when the user and email address leave the company and a new user and email address are to be used on the PC.

After much “Playing”, we found that to change the email address you visit the web site re-enter the key of the licence then create a new account which takes over the licence. Trying to change the email address within the account, is a matter of multiple emails and verification, but we have noticed this has stopped working.

So if you are purchasing Office 2013, try to select a package with a DVD, it makes life easier and can save time.