A valuable lesson with new web sites

Over the past few weeks we have been creating a new website – www.numberite.co.uk our new Virtual number site.

All went smoothly and launched a few weeks later than we would have liked but launched well….

Great we had loads of visitor, but wait we had no purchases or follow up calls. What was happening?

We were being bombarded with access attempts from all around the world including Russia, China, India, Africa and the USA. After much head scratching we localised the issue to robots or automated sites crawling over the site to find information. Within 1/2 hour we had installed a WordPress plugin that allows us to prevent unauthorised countries from accessing the site. This stopped the high stats and secured the site.

A further issue was found with unwanted use of our Adword allowance, which again required a large number (100+) negative words and phrases to slow this.

So we learned a lesson that the web is not always a friendly place.

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