Keeping safe when browsing #2 – Saving passwords and info within your browser

Following is our suggestions for keeping safe on the web

The Scene.

As everyone these days, you use the internet for shopping and banking, but find the constant request for information, passwords, etc really annoying. But to help your browser remembers these for you, what a life saver.

But oh dear!, your computer dies or worse is lost or stolen, how will you remember all the passwords and login’s. Oh! its OK the password is the same for everything and you always use the same email address.

Oh dear! indeed, we hear this nearly every day and find it sad that so much trust is placed on the computer, although we do not use the same rational we use in everyday life.

Using the same password is the most common issue. I always liken this to using the same key in everything you open. If one key is lost someone can open everything you have. So please use different passwords for everything. There will be a later blog on passwords and tricks to remember.

All browsers ask you if it is OK to save your info on there first use and without exception this is accepted, “..anything for an easy life..” and from now on it continues to do so. The issue here is that the passwords, address, email addresses and other confidential info are not usually encrypted or saved in a way it cannot be recovered. Therefore someone with any IT knowledge, and this can be a 7 year old up, can recover all this info within a few seconds. So your bank account, email address and password can be recovered and used without your knowledge. Your shopping sites can be accessed, those appointments can be uncovered and those subscriptions to magazines etc can be made public.

Another consideration, if your PC is compromised with a virus or spyware your data can be collected easily. So make it as difficult as possible.

Scared yet? no? I have spoken to 20+ clients in the past 2 weeks and on everyone, no there were no exceptions, I was able to confirm that their data was not secure and easily accessible.

So to address a few of these problems with a couple of solutions.

Firstly go un-tick the remember password and any other info. If you search for your browser then ” clear data” you will find plenty of sites and info on clearing data and what tick is required to stop being asked. The same with remembering info such as addresses and personal bits of info.

This will sound a little contradictory about saving info, but we would also recommend using favorites for sites you visit regularly. We have found a number of people searching for sites and clicking the first site on display. They then fall fowl to phishing scams from sites that look like the expected site.

Read my blog on passwords and go and change the password on all those accounts that are the same or have not been changed for years.

If we have raised any concerns or you would like to discuss anything raised above, or would like to take the data challenge please email at or phone 01392 361999



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