Keeping safe while browsing #1 – Using a VPN

Keeping safe when browsing #1

I hope to put a couple of blogs about keeping safe when browsing but here is one to get started.

The Scene.

You are in a bar or restaurant and need to send an email and check your bank account, they offer free Wifi, you join this and off you surf. A week later you find your bank account empty and you are spamming your friends, but how can these all be linked?

The frightening thing is this is a true story from a client who returned from a weekend to London.

The free Wifi they joined was a phishing address and captured their browsing content and captured their emails, email address and passwords used while surfing.

But how can you stop this from happening to you?

Firstly we would always recommend speaking to a member of staff behind the bar and asking for them to confirm the Wi-Fi name and the day’s password. There are hardly any business which will just allow free access to Wi-Fi and if they do, please ask them to call me as they need to get serious.

This will help ensure the Wi-Fi address is the correct one but to be safe online we also recommend using a VPN. This stands for Virtual Private Network and is a connection you make as soon as you are connected to the Wi-Fi. All traffic is then encrypted over the private network and is therefore not available to be read by anyone locally sniffing traffic.

VPN’s are usually a paid for option and we will add a couple of suggested solutions to this Blog when we can confirm a good one. If your business offers a VPN connection please use this when connecting to open, free or any connection you are unsure about.

Please let me know of any stories and we are always happy to offer solutions.

Next time “XP – If you are still using, what you should be doing”

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