Microsoft Office, what a headache

Microsoft Office 2013 (and Office 365) has been released a while now and we have installed many copies and even now finding the whole process of registering a real pain.

So what is the issue? The software can be supplied as a Code only version so no CD or DVD which in itself is not an issue. The licence has to be registered against an email address which is not too difficult and then allows the software to be downloaded and installed to the users PC. The issue arises when the user and email address leave the company and a new user and email address are to be used on the PC.

After much “Playing”, we found that to change the email address you visit the web site re-enter the key of the licence then create a new account which takes over the licence. Trying to change the email address within the account, is a matter of multiple emails and verification, but we have noticed this has stopped working.

So if you are purchasing Office 2013, try to select a package with a DVD, it makes life easier and can save time.

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