Passwords – Tricks and tips

How many times have you used the same password? do you forget your password and have to reset, then cannot remember the security question? Following are a few tricks and tips.

Rather than trying to remember an obscure or irrelevant password we would recommend using a phrase or quote and using letters from this. We also suggest swapping numbers for letters so instead of an “A” use a “4″ or instead of an “S” use a “5″. Some passwords expect symbols so again use an “@” instead of an “A” or a “?” instead of a “T”.


We sometimes use phrases to remember numbers, such as Pi ie “How I Wish I Could Calculate Pi”, the number of letters in each word are counted to give 3.141592 .

This can also be used for remembering pin numbers, so the pin 1 4 2 4

Could be “ I Have To Call the hospital” so I has 1 letter, HAVE has 4 letters etc.

Another option we could use the 1st letter of each word in the phrase

The Early Bird Catches The Worm”  so T E B C T W  so a simple 6 letter password with no real meaning. So if you can remember the saying you can workout the password.

But how do you use this for multiple passwords? You can add letters after the 6 letters that relate to the site you are visiting so:

Site you could take the first 2 letters T and G and add to the end so you end up with T E B C T W T G an 8 letter password or you could substitute the last 2 letters of your original password T W for T G to give you a new password.

We could also substitute numbers for letters, so you could replace the “B” for an “8″ , so you end up with T E 8 C T W T G a nonsense password but means something to you.

Lastly add a double symbols you like such as a % to the end and you end up with TE8CTWTG%% gobbledygook but a good password.

So to write this safely, you could write The early bird catches the work 8 % . This would remind you to substitute the 8 and add the % twice

Yes all sounds confusing, but good in practice and if you write the saying in your note book would anyone be the wiser? You can use your own memorable phrase..

“My holiday in Spain was very relaxing and rejuvenating”,

I hope this helps and keep on with those passwords and remember not to leave your keys laying around.


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