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Dissatisfied with IT

Are you dissatisfied with your present IT provision...


We provide a range of services including - IT Consultancy, server/workstation planning and deployment, Internet protocol phone solutions for state-of-the-art communications, hardware and software support.

Consultancy – This is an integral part of our support contracts, set to the level required by the client. For instance, this may be at director level in the form of a business continuity plan or long-term IT budgeting.

Alternatively this could take place with the IT administrators at managerial level in the form of roll outs, upgrades, installation, hardware or software changes.

In some instances we can act as a virtual IT manager, giving your business the experience of years of IT knowledge without the cost. We aid in setting IT budgets and project planning, considering Business continuity and likely growth. If you could benefit from this level of service and would like to enjoy problem free IT, contact us now.

Server Supply and Support – PC Southwest have a history of supplying the correct level of server solution to suit the particular business need. As far as we're concerned, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Our installations range from small businesses with 3 to 5 clients to schools with over 75. Making the correct choices at this stage involves various members of our team including, specialist sales, technical consultants and managerial support. Our planning, supply and implementation would involve as much or as little client involvement as was required. In a certain instances the solution could be a “Turn-key” installation where the client is involved at the pre-planning stage and PC Southwest manages the rest.  Our staff work alongside onsite personnel to give them the greatest understanding of the equipment and configuration. This allows them to "take ownership" of their new installation, knowing our support staff are there in the background, if required.

Workstation supply and support  – From a single PC to a peer business network, PC Southwest can supply and install workstations to specification or off the shelf. Before any order is processed our staff will ensure that there is a full understanding of the use and future use of the PC. This allows us to supply and implement the correct PC for the correct job. Consideration is given to the software requirements and ensures continuity and compatibility with the rest of the business. When upgrading, special attention is given to ensuring the new workstation is as compatible with the present peripherals and software as possible and where this is not possible, a viable and cost effective solution will be supplied.