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Dissatisfied with IT

Are you dissatisfied with your present IT provision...


Are you having problems with your browser? or can't decide which one to choose?

By browser we are talking about the program you use to access the internet, most likely this is Internet Explorer, the latest version being 8 (with 9 on the horizon). If you are having problems with your browser, the easiest way to prove if the browser is the problem would be to try another one. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are popular choices and are free to download from the internet. We have listed these links below for you to try.

For Chrome go here - http://www.google.com/chrome/ 

For Firefox  go here - http://www.mozilla.org/

For Opera go here - http://www.opera.com/browser/  

If you still have problems, we can help

If you are still experiencing problems after trying a new browser you may have issues with your PC/laptop or internet connection, please call us on 01392 361999  for a speedy solution.

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