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Dissatisfied with IT

Are you dissatisfied with your present IT provision...


Does your pc struggle to open files? or is it running slowly?

These are symptoms of insufficient memory. PC's running Windows XP run better with 1Gb, Vista 2Gb and Windows 7 3Gb+. It is a simple process to upgrade your memory, however ensuring the correct type is sourced can be a little confusing. From experience we would recommend replacing presently installed memory rather than just adding more, due to the likelihood of incompatibility between old and new memory.

We can also supply new hard drives, graphics cards and power supply's to improve the performance and capacity of your PC. 

If so we can help

We have a number of suppliers that can deliver memory and other components on a next day basis and at very competitive prices so call us today on 01392 361999 and give your PC a memory boost.

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