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Dissatisfied with IT

Are you dissatisfied with your present IT provision...


Cracked Screen? Repairs - From £99.00

Broken laptop screen? Cracked? Too dim? Won't light up? Missing pixels? 

We can get you seeing clearly again for as little as £100 (including all shipping, parts and labour!).

A laptop screen repair can be as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Contact PC Southwest - 01392 361999
  2. Allow us to pick up your laptop.
  3. Once we receive it, we'll get right to work repairing and replacing your broken laptop screen. And within a matter of days, we'll replace your cracked, broken or dead laptop LCD display panel with a brand new replacement laptop screen and have it safely back with you

We stock a number of replacement laptop screens and can repair your laptop within days. Where stock is not held, we have a number of suppliers able to supply a next day delivery. 

If your laptop screen has gone dark or you have a blank screen, you may also find our backlight repair page useful.

We offer a no-obligation laptop screen repair quote.

Quality Counts

Our laptop screens are fully tested and RoHS compliant. We do NOT use B-grade or second hand screens (like many other companies do.) If you use us to replace your laptop screen, you can be assured that only the highest quality screens will be used. Unless of course you would prefer we source a 2nd hand LCD screen which brings us to...

If £100.00 is too expensive?

If your laptop a bit 'older' and you don't want to spend out on a new screen to replace it, we can often source 2nd hand screens and fit these instead. We will only fit 'A' grade second hand screens (meaning no scratches, damage, or dead pixels). In addition, if you have your own replacement laptop screen that you have sourced, we can fit that for you as well.

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