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Dim Laptop Display - Backlight Repair - From £99.00

Has your laptop turned a dark colour? Making strange noises? Or just glowing?

If so we can fix it

In addition to replacing cracked or broken laptop LCD screens, we can also fix laptop backlight problems.

Our laptop backlight repair process starts with a test of the display inverter, which provides power to the back light. This is a board inside the screen which outputs over 1000 volts.

If the inverter is not at fault, then we test the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL).

If the laptop CCFL is bad, some companies will tell you that they can replace the CCFL, in the past we have replaced a number of these and within a short time have found they can cause further issues. This is why we suggest replacing the whole screen. Whilst this can cost more in the short term, it is worth investing in as this gives a more satisfactory repair.

Cold cathode tube problems usually present themselves as a hissing coming from the screen, a red glow in the LCD, or just no backlight at all. Please call PC Southwest on 01392 361999

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