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Liquid Spilt in your Laptop? Repairs - From £60

Spilled liquid on your laptop? Don't fear - follow these eight steps:

1.If running on AC power, turn the power off at the mains. (If you have spilt liquid on the mains outlet also, then turn off the power at the fuse box).

2.Unplug the AC adapter from the laptop. If you have spilt liquid on the AC adapter, then it is recommended that you replace it.

3.Power down the laptop immediately.

4.If running on the battery, then remove the battery.

5.If you have spilled water on your laptop or keyboard, try and drain as much liquid out as possible.

6.Mop up any excess liquid using paper towels. (Do not be tempted to use a hair dryer, as this can cause more problems).

7.Do not try and power up the laptop again - this could cause more problems.  Getting your laptop back working will depend what has been spilt into it and just allowing it to dry out will not rectify the damage.

8.Contact us on 01392 361999.   

Getting your laptop back up and running.

If you follow the above steps, we can usually strip down and clean out your laptop components and get it working again without it requiring any replacement parts.

In the case that something does need replacing, we will quote you on the replacement part required and fix your laptop fast and get it right back to you with a minimum of fuss.

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