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Following are a few examples of the level of support we offer our clients. These range from single person businesses working from home to SME with 15 employees.


Example one – Microbusiness – 1 person

Steve, works from home and has a laptop he uses for work and a home PC. Steve has a £15 per month agreement that reduces the hourly rate for support to both computers. Included in this we supply online backup to both computers, a business .co.uk domain and hosting, also 2 marketing numbers, one for calls the other for a fax-to-email line.

Steve found that he spent less time worrying about his IT, knowing that business quality products where in place, including online backup of all date, allowing him to focus on his business.


Example two – 3 person business

Penny runs a cake making business which has two office workers and one person working from home. For £30 per month we offer reduced hourly rate support. Online backup has been increased to include a shared area for all computers, saving the need for a dedicated server. An add on to the support for “Hosted Exchange” is supplied to allow all three computers to share and view emails, contacts and calendar within the business, again negating the need of a server. A business .co.uk domain and hosting package is included within the £30, along with a fax-to-email marketing number.

Penny found that with the shared mail, and the services in place productivity improved and quicker response could be made to client enquiries.  


Example three – Limited company with 9 employees.

Sam – runs a joinery company which has an onsite server with 9 workstations and 3 printers. A support agreement that includes 3 hours support per month is supplied for £120 per month and reduces the additional hour support rate. The agreement offers onsite or remote support as required, covering all hardware, software and peripherals. Included within the agreement is online backup, 2 marketing numbers, one for fax and a business domain .co.uk and hosting.  Additionally antivirus and anti-spam software are supplied and maintained.

The Small business server, with exchange is predominantly managed remotely, performing preventative maintenance out of hours as required. Antivirus and anti-spam is managed centrally for all workstations, ensuring updates and scans are carried out. A monthly report is produced for Sam. Centralised management of the network has greatly improved the working of the site, with staff being able to hot desk, if a workstation issue should occur. Password management was a major concern and this is now managed better, with complex but easy to remember passwords, being changed frequently.

 There are quarterly meetings which allow review of the site and forward planning for moves and changes. There is a proprietary software package which is given first line support, on more complex issues being referred to the supplier, saving in additional support cover for the software. An all-in-one colour copier is leased from a third party; again first line support is supplied.

Sam’s IT is now running smoothly allowing the staff to focus on the business rather than keeping the computers running. Sam has allocated one member of staff, Tim, who is the designate contact for the site; this ensures issues are promptly managed, with Tim having remote access to our call logging system.


For further information, or to discuss how we can support you, please call 01392 361999

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