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Hosted Exchange

Over the past year we have noticed a number of small business owners needing the ability to share email's, calendar's and contact's, but have no local mail server. With a local server they would be using Microsoft Exchange which allows sharing of the user information.

PC Southwest looked long and hard for a solution and have implemented a solution, HostEx, our own branded Hosted Exchange. With the functions and benefits of Exchange without the costs associated with a dedicated server.

For a small monthly fee, each user is supplied with a version of Outlook 2010 which when configured allows management of their email, contacts and calendar's. Users within the same business can then share or view shared Outlook menu's, not only from their Outlook program but from their own private "Outlook Web Access" (OWA) location. HostEx works for two people upwards and with ten users being the optimal size, although we aware of a number of clients with50+ users.

Why is this better than using your current POP email? While Outlook can be configured for POP, it does not allow sharing of your information and with HostEx your information is stored on the HostEx servers incase the worst should happen.

For a demonstration of HostEx, you can either drop in to our offices or we can come to you.


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