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Pop Email

POP email (Post Office Protocol) is one of the most popular methods for viewing email's. A client application such as Outlook Express, Outlook or Mozilla is used to view downloaded email's on your PC. This method proved to be very useful when the only way to access email's was via a dial-up connection, where you were paying by the minute. This allowed you to connect to the Internet, download your email and then disconnect, saving you the expense of being always-on.

With broadband this is no longer an issue, although POP email is still used by small business today due to the reliable and easy setup.

If you would like a more detailed explanation, search Google for "how POP works".

PC Southwest are able to assist in setting up, configuring and in diagnosing issues with POP email, having many years experience. Over this time we would like to say we have seen it all but are pleased when clients find a new issue for us to solve. We have a number of recovery options should everything look like it has failed and also a number of solutions for  backing up email should this be required.

If you would like to discuss your POP issues please call the Business Support line.

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